Hydro4GE provides custom software, web and interactive
marketing solutions. We also sell and maintain Pario, a tool for developing and maintaining web-based applications.

Accessible By Design

Web resources must be made accessible to individuals with disabilities. This requirement is referred to as “Full Inclusion”. Just as good software design does not happen by accident, accessibility cannot be effectively grafted into an existing system; it must be an integral part of the design. Web designers do not deliberately create sites that lock […]

Back To The Future

The power and potential of Pario come from a well-defined focus – constructing solutions to business problems using a database foundation with web-based delivery. Why does Pario work? Let’s go back to the early days of computing. What approach to software development first made computing viable to business? Simply stated, it was the development of […]

Progression of Boehm’s Spiral Model with Pario



From a business perspective, can custom software become a REAL asset and competitive advantage of the firm? The Pario team believes it can. A historical perspective of various software development approaches provides a basis for our Pario thinking.

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