Hydro4GE provides custom software, web and interactive
marketing solutions. We also sell and maintain Pario, a tool for developing and maintaining web-based applications.

Who is using Pario?

As VP of User Experience, I’m frequently engaged with the customer promoting Pario, answering questions – all the interfacing with the end user that comes with delivering a service or product. The one question I am always asked is “who is using Pario?” Well, I am.

A Remarkable Development

When it came time to experience Pario first-hand in the Online Development Environment (ODE), I thought I knew what I could expect – instead, I was blown away. When I think about Pario, the following words come to mind: quick, easy, powerful, and ground-breaking. And that’s exactly how I would describe my experience in the […]

Client Solutions

The core Pario logic has been used to build client database applications ranging from traditional information capture solutions to highly specialized/complex applications. Recent examples of traditional information capture, management and reporting solutions include: Centralized Inventory Management Database. Juror Selection Database. Tax Claim Information Database. Secure Work Order Portal for a national retail chain. Secure Employee […]

The New Kid on the Block

“Wow. Am I done?” As a rookie member of the development team, I got my first under-the-hood look at the engine that drives Pario. I recently was able to create my own application using the engine directly. The target system was a domain information tracker. It was amazing how fast the turnaround time for this […]