Hydro4GE provides custom software, web and interactive
marketing solutions. We also sell and maintain Pario, a tool for developing and maintaining web-based applications.

Pario – an Online Development Environment

What is Pario? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question since I started telling people that I was joining the team. People would come to the site and see the great reviews, praises and some technical information and still wonder – what is it all about and what can it do for me?

Schema Evolution in Pario

The business needs served by a database may change often during its lifetime. On such occasions, it becomes necessary to modify the structure of the database in order to adapt it to its new requirements. This is called database schema evolution. Effective support for schema evolution is challenging because changes to schema must be propagated […]

Accessible By Design

Web resources must be made accessible to individuals with disabilities. This requirement is referred to as “Full Inclusion”. Just as good software design does not happen by accident, accessibility cannot be effectively grafted into an existing system; it must be an integral part of the design. Web designers do not deliberately create sites that lock […]

Pario – What it Does

Customers demand software solutions that: Perform as promised (and often beyond) Are easy to use Do not break the bank (or the agreement) In response, the Pario framework has been designed to attack fundamental software development challenges by: Focusing customers on their real needs, wants and requirements. Promoting the construction of clear and precise software […]