Hydro4GE provides custom software, web and interactive
marketing solutions. We also sell and maintain Pario, a tool for developing and maintaining web-based applications.

Who is using Pario?

As VP of User Experience, I’m frequently engaged with the customer promoting Pario, answering questions – all the interfacing with the end user that comes with delivering a service or product. The one question I am always asked is “who is using Pario?” Well, I am. In addition to the work I do on the User Experience side for Pario itself, I also manage projects and perform systems design work for customers who need an I/T solution. I’m supporting those clients using our pre-release product and building their applications in Pario. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to challenge ourselves in a real world scenario and quickly deliver results. I don’t like to say it’s a great tool for prototyping because that doesn’t deliver the full scope of what Pario can do but it really is a great tool for prototyping!

During a recent client session, I was able to take the information the client was presenting for their business reengineering project and design a very simple application in Pario on the spot to flesh out the workflow requirements. This has been a tremendous asset as the customers I typically engage with are business users and not technical analysts. Using Pario for prototyping has been a fantastic way to help them see whether their requirements on paper will translate into a value added system. We’re also able to manage scope creep as the users have the opportunity to more clearly define their requirements from the onset because they have the benefit of seeing their specifications in action.

In addition to the increased productivity during the requirements gathering phase of the software development life cycle, the customer is benefiting in other ways as well – particularly when it comes time for the developers to begin the construction or implementation phase of the project. Because we’re able to deliver prototypes and full functioning applications in record time, customers no longer face the typical extended period of silence that occurs when we arrive at the construction phase of the life cycle.

Using Pario I’m delivering functioning applications in approximately 10% of the time I would have needed for traditional code construction. Better yet – the hours I would have allocated to code construction I can now spend on increased customer service and new business development.

To be perfectly clear, I’m not suggesting that one or two hours with the user is a replacement for doing your due diligence and properly gathering system requirements. Pario reduces the time to implementation by allowing me to apply the design using the Pario ODE (Online Development Environment) and not spend hundreds or thousands of hours coding to build the application.

Rose Lackenmier:
Rose Lackenmier is the Vice President of User Experience for Hydro4GE, Inc. and is responsible for shaping the customer experience as well as managing multiple consulting projects. For the last 20 years, Rose has worked in a number of roles as an Information Technology professional and has worked in the IT department of Sallie Mae, Inc., Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Nabisco, Inc. and at Keane Inc. was a technical consultant on projects for Morgan Stanley and Fidelity Investments. Rose has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from King’s College and is a graduate of the Penn State Management Program and Leadership Wilkes-Barre, Class of 2006.

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